The magic city of Azyr was founded after The Exodus by humans wishing to stay in the light and wisdom of the elves. Azyr’s purpose is to further the knowledge and understanding of the Winds of Magic in all of its forms. This usually puts it in opposition with the militaristic empire, who stresses usefulness in combat.

Due to it’s liberal take on expansion of knowledge, Azyr is open to all races who wish to promote the furthering of magical knowledge. Due to the varied cultures, Azyr has a unique system of law.

Azyr was build on an intersection of many ley lines that cross underneath the surface of Eagier.

Azyr’s advancement of magic has given it many benefits. People age much slower within the city limits of Azyr. This prolonged age has helped some of its older inhabitants continue to study magic longer then usual.

One of the goals of the city of Azyr is to eventually allow its inhabitants the ability to use High Magic which was fabled to be only used by the High Elves.


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